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Volunteer Documents

General Chapel Instructions

Chapel Training Presentation

Boundaries Training

Importance of Knowing Your Chapel Audience

Compline Service Booklet

The Mission is requiring ALL VOLUNTEERS to fill out an online registration form. It is fairly easy to fill out. Click on the button that says "Join." We recommend signing in with your email. Our church is listed under organizations, so when you get to that part just choose it and then in the box directly below that write N/A. That's the only tricky part. Please read the  SDRM Waiver, Policies, and Code of Conduct* and don't just check the box that you've read it.


When you get a confirmation email saying "Welcome" to our volunteer hub, please forward it to Dcn. Gail so she can know you are cleared to go into the Mission. If you have any trouble or questions, please let Dcn. Gail know.

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